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Prime Judicial Systems Inc. is a professional Court Judgment recovery company. We pay "CASH" for uncollected court judgments issued by any court in the United States and Canada.

Some of the key people in our company have been in the business of recovering court judgments for over 25 years. This is just one of the reasons for our company's amazing success and the reason why Prime Judicial Systems Inc. is . . .

The Largest Judgment Recovery Company in the World!

We buy Court Judgments from the person or company who is owed money by a debtor, and has a Court Judgment or Order to verify that the money is, in fact, owed by the debtor person or company.

Collecting money owed on a Court Judgment is a very specialized profession. To successfully collect the money owed by a debtor who refuses to pay, requires excellent investigative resources, experience, legal skills, effective strategy and timing, and a considerable investment of time and money.

It is no wonder, then, that most creditors who are owed money on a Court Judgment "NEVER" receive the money they are owed even though the debtor was ordered by the court to pay.

This is when you discover that . . .

Courts "DO NOT" Collect Money Owed to Judgment Creditors!

Once the Court issues a Judgment or Order, the judgment creditor is left to recover the money owed using legal means.

For this and other reasons....approximately 83% of all Court Judgments issued by the courts are "NEVER" collected by the judgment creditors.

This means that if you are owed money on a Court Judgment you have about one chance in six that you will ever recover the money owed to you.

If you are a business, you are busy with the activities of operating your own business. Your focus is on providing your products or services to your customers or clients. You may have someone on staff who attempts to collect your company's overdue accounts before they become a write-off ... but do they know how to collect on a court judgment?

Many customers and clients just do not pay ... for whatever reasons!  And, Judgment Debtors SELDOM pay voluntarily!

Now you are wondering what you can do to get your money!

Collecting on a Judgment can be difficult for many reasons. People move, hide their assets, change their names, file for bankruptcy, they may even die.

Business debtors also move, hide their assets, change their names, go out of business, go into bankruptcy, sell their assets, etc. Business owners who are in financial trouble often deliberately run up their payables before they close their businesses. They may sell some or all of the business inventory and equipment and pocket the money personally.

If you have ever tried to collect on a judgment you probably know how frustrating it can be.

Not being familiar with court procedures can be a major source of frustration. Not being able to locate your debtor or get good information about his or her financial situation is also a problem.

You eventually get to the point where you want to work within your own area of expertise....and get some expert help recovering your Court Judgment. None of us can be an expert at everything.

For most people it becomes frustrating, time consuming and expensive to try to collect the money owed to them. And, unfortunately, the odds are not good that you will be successful at collecting your money.

You may have expected some cooperation from your debtor, after all, the Court did order the debtor to pay you the money he or she owed to you. But that did not happen.

Now what do you do?

This is where our company can help!

If you own a court judgment, whether you are a private individual, a business, a non-profit organization, the trustee of an estate, an heir to an estate, an accounts receivable manager, an attorney, an accountant, etc., Prime Judicial Systems may be interested in purchasing your judgment.

Our experience, resources and expertise can help to ensure that you benefit from the Court Judgment that was awarded to you.

But have you collected on the Judgment?

Here are some of the Benefits you will Enjoy when

We Buy Your Court Judgment!

  1. No more worries about:

    • Finding the debtor

    • Trying to get the debtor to pay

    • Wasting your time and energy trying to learn how to use the legal system for what may be the only time you will ever need to use it!

    • Investing more money in an already bad situation...your uncollected Court Judgment


  2. No more contact with the debtor! ( That's a bonus! )


  3. No more frustration!


  4. An opportunity to get some value out of your judgment!


  5. It's cost-effective to for you to sell your Judgment to the professionals at Prime Judicial Systems.


  6. Satisfaction knowing that the debtor is being dealt with by a professional Court Judgment recovery company that will handle all aspects of a judgment recovery program that is specifically tailored to hold your debtor accountable for the money he or she owes.


  7. Time to move forward in your life, doing the things you actually enjoy doing!


Are You Ready to ... FINALLY! ...

Receive Money from Your Court Judgment?

If you have an Uncollected Court Judgment, we would like the opportunity to buy it from you.

In order for Prime Judicial Systems to purchase your Court Judgment, we will need to assess the value of your judgment.

And, for us to assess your judgment we will need you to provide information about your judgment and the debtor or debtors who owe you money.

To submit your Court Judgment to our company for assessment is an easy

"3-Step " process!

Please Note:   We cannot begin our assessment until you have provided the information we please be sure to complete all 3 Steps.

Here's How To Get Started

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