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We invite you to read some of the many letters we have
received from our clients.

" Your company bought my judgment and took over the problem of trying to collect. "

In July 2001 I got a judgment against my former business partner who cheated me by taking money out of our business for several years without my knowledge. I tried to collect the money he owed me but I couldn't find out if he even had any money.

Then in January of 2004, I heard about your company from a lawyer friend of mine. He told me your company bought court judgments. I contacted your company and gave you the information you wanted about my judgment. Your company bought my judgment and took over the problem of trying to collect from my former partner. I'm glad to have the cash, and also that I don't have to ever have anything to do with my former partner again.  Many thanks!

Gerrard D.
Atlanta, GA

" Your offer was more than reasonable. "

Four years ago I got divorced and the court ordered my ex-husband to pay me $47,620 as my share of the property we had jointly owned. For over two years I tried to get my ex-husband to pay me the money, but he wouldn't. Then I tried to get a collection agency to help me get the money, but they were not successful either.

In 2003 I found your company by doing an internet search. I filled-in the information you needed on the form you supplied and sent it to you. Within two days I got a letter from your company advising me that you wanted to purchase the rights to my judgment. Your offer was more than reasonable. I accepted and signed the papers you sent.

Three days later I received my money. I don't know how to tell you what a relief it is to finally be finished with the problem of trying to collect from my ex. I will recommend you to anyone I meet who has a problem with a court judgment. I wish you much success.

Rita L.
Los Angeles, CA

" My lawyer referred me to your company. "

My lawyer referred me to your company, Prime Judicial Systems. He said that I needed professional help if I was ever going to collect my money on a judgment I got against a guy who had cheated me on the sale of my home about 4 years earlier. The lawyer gave me the name of your company and I went on the internet and found your website.

I completed the form on your website with the particulars of my judgment and the debtor. After your company investigated my judgment and the debtor you said that you could not make me an 'all cash' offer for my judgment because the risk of not collecting was too high. I was disappointed that I would only receive a small amount of cash right away, but I did accept your offer to try to collect the judgment and then pay me a portion of the money collected. I really never expected to receive any money because, as you had said, the odds of collecting the money were very poor.

I was very surprised and happy when I received a statement from your company, and a check for $14,872.63. I really needed the money. You guys are amazing!
Thanks so much!

Terry G.
Chicago, IL

" You have been such a blessing to our family. "

When my husband and I split up he agreed to pay me $250 a month for support of our two kids. He paid me for 3 months and then stopped paying. I took him to court and the judge said he had to pay me $280 a month from then on, and also catch up the $750 he already owed me. Even though the judge had ordered Jim to pay me he still didn't.

Over a year went by and he now owed me over $5,100. I tried to get help from the state but they were no help at all. I needed this money for kids clothes, food and other things. I contacted a company that did collections. They were not able to get the money from Jim. I started looking for someone who could help me get the money. I found your company by doing a search on the internet. I sent you the information you wanted by completing the information form on your website. In about 3 days I received an offer from your company offering to buy my judgment. I received a check in the mail about 4 days after that. It was like Christmas at our house the next day. The kids got some new clothes and toys. We went out for dinner. I even bought myself a new dress.

Now it seems that Jim wants to pay the monthly payment voluntarily. If he ever gets behind in the payments again I will be contacting you. Thanks so much. You have been such a blessing to our family.

Melanie B.
Little Rock, AR

" We continue to be impressed by the professionalism and integrity of your company and people. "

My name is George and I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I own a company that sells consulting services to industrial clients in various parts of the world. A little over six years ago one of our clients in Michigan failed to pay our account and we were forced to file a suit against their company. We obtained a judgment from the court in Canada for over US$135,000 plus court costs. We spent more money and five years trying to collect on the judgment from the company in Michigan, with no success. We seemed to have a problem with enforcing our Canadian judgment in the United States.

One day I was having lunch with our accountant and he mentioned that he had received some information about your company, Prime Judicial Systems. He said that your company handled judgment recoveries on both sides of the U.S. / Canada border. Until then I hadn't heard of any other company that claimed to be able to recover a Canadian judgment where the debtor was in the U.S. Apparently your company is also expert at collecting U.S. judgment where the debtor is in Canada. I decided to see what your company had to offer.

I contacted your company through your website at and provided you with some basic information about my company's problem with the judgment we had. I was very impressed with your prompt response. We emailed back and forth a few times as I provided further information you needed to make your assessment of our judgment's value. We received an offer from your company and immediately accepted it. We continue to be impressed by the professionalism and integrity of y our company and people. I know that your company will become even more successful in the years to come .... and you certainly deserve it. Best of luck!

George L.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

" I was astounded! "

In 1996 my wife moved out of our house and left town while I was at work. When she left she took most of the furniture and cleaned out our joint bank account. For about 10 months I didn't know where she was. Soon after I found where she was living, I took her to court to try to get some of my money back.

The judge ordered that she was to pay me $19,067.00. Shortly after that my ex-wife disappeared again. I didn't know what to do about getting my money. I went on with my life and tried not to think about it.

About 8 months ago a friend told me about your company. She said I should find out if you would be able to help me get some money from my ex-wife. I told her I didn't even know where my ex-wife was. She said to contact your company anyway and see what you could do. I got your company's website address and sent you the information you wanted, and a copy of my judgment papers I got from the court.

A few days later, I was contacted by email and you made me an offer to buy my judgment. I was astounded! This was an opportunity for me to get some cash and also put this whole matter to rest.

Thanks for the help. It was much appreciated.

Albert H.
Miami, FL

" Your website said that you buy judgments filed in any court in the U.S. and Canada. "

I'm writing you to thank you for the terrific work your company does in helping people like me to collect on our court judgments.

When I was awarded a judgment by a court in Texas, I thought the court was going to make the person who owed me the money pay me. Now I know that's not how it works. The court doesn't do anything to help me get my money. I had no experience in collecting money, so I wasted a lot of time trying to get my judgment paid. Nothing seemed to work, and each thing I tried cost more money. If that wasn't bad enough, then the person who owed me the money moved to Vancouver, Canada. That's when I found out that my judgment from the court in Texas had no legal status in Canada.

I had pretty much given up on ever getting the money I was owed. Then one night I was fooling around on the internet and happened to see your company's website. The information on the website said that you collected judgments from any court in the U.S. or Canada. Wow! Maybe this was what I was looking for.

Your website provided two forms with questions about my judgment and the person who owed me the money. I couldn't wait to fill it in and find out if you could do something to help me get my money. It was easy to fill-in the forms, although there were some questions I couldn't answer. I sent the information in to you and the next day one of your representatives contacted me to ask a few more questions. Two days after that I received and offer by email. The offer was more than generous, considering what work would have to be done by your company and the legal expenses that would have to be paid to collect my judgment.

I'm grateful that I found out about Prime Judicial Systems and at last received money from my judgment.  Thanks again!

Robert W.
Houston, TX

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